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                                                Your first call for exhaust service
                                                Exhaust Masters offers a full line of performance exhaust systems.
                                                Call For quote

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                                                Exhaust Masters is your go-to source for quality exhaust, suspension, brake, front end, shock and strut services in the Lloydminster region. We are also proud to offer industrial and oilfield exhaust systems.

                                                the Brands We Carry

                                                Borla Logo
                                                Dynomax Logo
                                                Flo Pro Logo
                                                Flowmaster Logo
                                                Magnaflo Logo
                                                Rumble Logo
                                                Thrush Logo
                                                Bully Dog Logo
                                                SCT Logo
                                                Airaid Logo
                                                injen Technology Logo
                                                K & N Logo
                                                SB Filters Logo
                                                Flotech Logo
                                                JBA Logo
                                                DEI Logo
                                                Remflex Logo
                                                KYB Logo
                                                Monroe Logo
                                                Rancho Logo
                                                Schultz Manufacturing Logo

                                                Our Services

                                                Our certified technicians are leaders in fulfilling your car, truck, industrial and oilfield exhaust needs. We’ve got the tools and expertise to get the job done.

                                                View our Services
                                                Exhaust Pipe Image
                                                Exhaust Pipe Image

                                                The Best in Exhaust Systems

                                                We work with the best brands in exhaust and service all makes and models of cars, trucks and more.

                                                Exhausts Systems we carry

                                                What our customers are saying

                                                They don't mess around with their service or products. Very helpful and they far exceeded my son’s expectations when it came to his exhaust system. He was blown away. Thanks to everyone here. Highly recommend this business.

                                                Carvey Sandfly

                                                Great service. Honest. Trustworthy. Ray and his boys are straight, never do unnecessary repairs and are great at telling you what needs to be done if they notice something that might cause problems in the future. I have been taking my vehicles there for over a decade and wouldn't trust anyone else.

                                                Tim Johnson

                                                Let Us Assist you in achieving your automotive
                                                and industrial goals.

                                                Whatever your needs, we’ll work hard to get you back behind the wheel.

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